Curtsy Babies (2-3 yrs)

What to Wear: Anything comfortable they can move in. Parents will want to be ready to participate too!

Shoes: Barefoot works best, but ballet shoes or sneakers are other good options.


curtsy ballerinas& PRIMAS (3-6 yrs)

What to wear: Any leotard, tights, skirt (optional)

Shoes: Ballet, tap, jazz shoes (dependent on class)

Hair: Pulled back in a bun or ponytail


SPIN ballet/tap CLASSES (7-10 YRS)

What to wear: Leotard, tights, skirt (optional)

Shoes: Ballet and tap shoes

Hair: Pulled up in a bun and out of face


jazz, hip hop, CRU, cheer (5 & UP)

What to wear: Anything comfortable that student can move in easily.

Shoes: Sneakers (Cheer, Hip Hop), Jazz Shoes (Jazz)

Hair: Pulled up and out of face

miss twister dance acro


What to wear: Comfortable, tight-fitting clothing

Shoes: Barefoot

Hair: Pulled up and out of face


TEEN Ballet/Lyrical (11 & UP)

What to wear: Leotard/tank top, tights/leggings/yoga pants, skirt (optional) NO SHORTS

Shoes: Ballet shoes (Dancers who qualify for pointe work may need to begin purchasing pointe shoes, as needed.)

Hair: Pulled up in a bun and out of face